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__ |__|__ __| | Related article: Neither of their choice, had the ancient glory decks Fred and George, but was quite happy with them : Jimmy Peakes, a short, but with a broad chest n in the third year boy who collected a mass of the size of an egg on the back was Buy Stilnox n in the head with a Bludger hit Harry wild, and Ritchie Coote, who was of weeds, but also directed. She now joined Katie, Demelza and Ginny in the stands n observed in the selection of its last member of the team. Harry was aware of the intent of the Guardians left for last, hoping for a stadium empty and less pressure on everyone involved. Unfortunately, however, are n rejected the players and a number of people watching, came after a breakfast longer had joined today's hearing, so it is bigger than ever was. As each Guardian tires flying destination, the crowd roared and derided in equal Buy Stilnox measure. Harry looked at Ron, who has always had a problem with the nerve; Harry had hoped to win their last game of last seasoncould have healed, , but apparently not : Ron was a delicate green. not saved the first five candidates more than two goals. A Harry major disappointment, saved four penalties for Cormac McLaggen five. in the past, but he shot entirely in the wrong direction, the crowd crunched laughed and booed and McLaggen back on the floor with his teeth. Ron looked ready, pass, as he mounted his Cleansweep Eleven. " Good luck," shouted a voice from the stands. Harry looked around, expecting to see Hermione, , but it was Lavender Brown. It would be very happy face hides his hands, as did a moment later, but thought that as the captain who must n to show a bit more grain, and so he turned to see Ron Thurs his trial. but not have worried : Ron saved one, Buy Stilnox two, three, four, five penalties in a row. Delighted and resistance against the entry of the cheers from the crowd with difficulty, Harry said again McLaggen hwhere there was more unfortunately, Ron hit, only to find McLaggen red face just inches from his. that hastily resigned. " Your sister does not really try," said McLaggen threat. There was a vein pulse in his temples as often Harry's Uncle Vernon had admired. " She gave him an easy save. " "n" Nonsense, said Harry coldly. " That was almost lost. " It took McLaggen one step closer to Harry, who stood firm on this occasion. N 'Give me something to go ". "No," said Harry. " You had your go. He saved four. Ron saved five. Rons porter, who won it fair and square. Out of my way. " He thought for a moment that could hit McLaggen, but he was content with an ugly face and went outside, growling what sounded like threats of thin air. Harry went to his new team to find the radiant. " Well done," he said hoarsely. " They flew very well - " " You're brilliant, Ron n ' This time Hermione was really running againstfrom the stands, saw Harry Lavender field walking arm in arm with Parvati, a rather surly expression on his face. Ron seemed very pleased with himself, and to is greater than usual, as he smiled and Hermione on the computer.
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